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Tripartite Consortium Sets Up Tourism Development Worth $10M in Malhazine Ecological Park

Tripartite Consortium Sets Up Tourism Development Worth $10M in Malhazine Ecological Park

In the next few days, a tripartite consortium will begin setting up tourist developments in the Malhazine Ecological Park, formerly Paiol, in the city of Maputo.

The consortium is made up of the Ministry of Land and Environment, the Municipal Council and Maputo hoteliers.

The announcement was made this Thursday by the municipal director of the Urban Development Office, during the meeting to validate the plan to make the Malhazine Ecological Park operational.

Teresa Chissequere said that just over 10 million dollars are needed to operationalise the initiative.

To mark the start of activities, signs will be put up, internal roads will be opened up and a force will be set up to control the 480 hectares that border the area.

The Malhazine Ecological Park was created after the extinction of the Malhazine Paiol in 2012, to make way for a better quality of life for Maputo city dwellers by preserving the landscape and tourist potential.

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The mayor of Maputo, Eneias Comiche, said that the implementation of environmentally friendly infrastructures is part of a package to make the most of natural sites for tourism.

The meeting to validate the contributions of the partners, during the seminar to present the Action Plan, Budget and Investment Opportunities, was attended by the director of Land and Environment at the ministry, Joaquim Langa.

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