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Mozambique Records Growth in Rail and Port Cargo Volumes of 13% And 18% Respectively

Mozambique Records Growth in Rail and Port Cargo Volumes of 13% And 18% Respectively

The volumes of cargo handled by the national rail and port system continued to record significant growth last year, despite restrictions imposed by covid-19 that greatly affected the movement of people and goods, which is the object of the operations of Mozambican company Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique (CFM).

According to a report from “Notícias”, last year the country posted growth in rail cargo handled of around 13 percent, and in the port system the increase was 18 percent.

Speaking during the XXV Board of Directors, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Janfar Abdulai, pointed out that the rise in indicators in cargo handling is a clear sign that CFM managers have responsibly taken up the challenge of implementing measures in order to make the company robust and competitive, fully fulfilling its noble mission of providing logistics for the national and regional economy.

According to the published data, in the global railway system, about 18.9 million net tonnes were transported compared to about 16.8 million tonnes in 2020, while in the global port system, about 48.2 million metric tonnes were handled in 2021, compared to 41 million metric tonnes handled in 2020.

Meanwhile, quoted by Notícias, Miguel Matabel, chairman of the CFM Board of Directors, said that the company’s operational performance remained positive thanks to the way of positioning and commitment of human capital during the 2021 financial year.

In view of the war being waged in Europe, Matabel advanced that one should pay attention to the economic-social consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine, as they are two major producers of some of the main raw materials, including fuels.

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“That is, we may be facing a situation where, once again, with the resilience that characterises us, we will have to adapt and overcome a likely unfavourable business environment,” he maintained.

Along those lines, Matabel noted that one of the ways out was for the company to continue to secure traffic on its routes, namely Ressano Garcia, Limpopo and Goba (in the south) and Sena and Machipanda (in the centre), as well as handling cargo at the ports.

The Board of Directors is a forum that allows and privileges a wide-ranging debate on all matters relating to the rail and port business, with the aim of defining, improving and adopting new company management practices and strategies to improve its production and productivity.


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