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Mozambican Beer “Txilar”, Produced by Heineken, Exported to Essuatini

Mozambican Beer “Txilar”, Produced by Heineken, Exported to Essuatini

HEINEKEN Mozambique is exporting the Txilar beer to the Kingdom of Essuatíni, in order to allow Mozambicans living in that kingdom, as well as tourists and the citizens themselves, to have access to this drink.

Txilar is being marketed in that kingdom by the company itself, which has opened an export line for Txilar 250 ml and Txilar 330 ml.

A statement from the company, quoted by AIM, explains that this export has also become possible because “national tourism has allowed Txilar to become known across borders, a fact that has generated demand from beer lovers in Eswatini and, consequently, the need to respond to consumer demand.”

Roelof Segers, General Manager of HEINEKEN Mozambique, said that this act is an important milestone for the company, starting from production to marketing and export, especially since it is a product originating from Mozambique.

“We are proud to contribute positively to the trade balance of our country, by exporting Txilar beer to the Kingdom of Essuatíni. This operation makes us leverage the quality of the country’s resources and our location taking into account our strategic position in Southern Africa”, he stressed.

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Txilar beer is the result of an investment of around 100 million dollars by HEINEKEN in Mozambique, which has generated a factory that uses local raw materials such as water from the Marracuene district in the southern province of Maputo, and corn grown in the central province of Manica.


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