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UGPK: Mozambique Reaches Record Gold Production of 1.2 Tonnes in 2022

UGPK: Mozambique Reaches Record Gold Production of 1.2 Tonnes in 2022

The Kimberley Process, Precious Metals and Gems Management Unit (UGPK) is in the process of negotiating with potential foreign investors who intend to install the first gold refinery in the country, a fact that shows the growth of the sector.

In fact, since 2021, the mining sector has been recording an increase in both declared and exported quantities, which is a consequence, in part, of the control carried out by this unit throughout the country.

According to Castro Elias, executive secretary of the institution, until now there has not been a gold refinery in Mozambique because it was not possible to register the quantities produced and exported, a situation that has changed in the last two years. So much so that investors are beginning to realise that there is production that justifies an investment of this magnitude.

“We are negotiating with a company that intends to install a gold refinery in Mozambique. This is important because it will allow the Bank of Mozambique (BoM) to buy for its reserves,” said the manager, quoted by the Sunday newspaper.

Illustrating the growth of the sector, Castro Elias pointed out that in 2020, production of 543 kilograms of gold was recorded. The following year, 2021, it was over 764 kilograms and in 2022, a plan was made to register 705 kilograms, but the result was 1263 tonnes.

“This is an important record because since independence Mozambique had never reached a tonne of gold and was the only country in the region that spoke in kilograms in annual production,” he stressed, indicating that for this year the expectation is to reach 1400 tonnes.

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The executive secretary noted that this development was not the result of new mines coming on-stream, but rather of the intensification of tracking, so that it was known who produces, the respective quantities, to whom it is sold and also to know if the buyer used them internally or exported.

The UGPK started managing the commercialisation of precious metals and gems, in addition to implementing the legal instruments that regulate the traceability, transport and export of these minerals, and in 2021 it introduced the certificate of origin and sealing.

In 2021 there were only two gold exporters, even with more than 400 trading licenses issued. Meanwhile, and as a result of follow-up work, last year the country had 11 exporters and is expected to reach 16 by 2023.


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