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Rubies from Montepuez on display at the National Geological Museum

Rubies from Montepuez on display at the National Geological Museum

Last Friday (14), Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRM) made a significant donation to the National Geology Museum, handing over a box of 50 raw rubies. These samples, which display the main colour and quality ranges found in the Montepuez mine, have a total weight of 11.87 grams (59.35 carats), according to an official statement from the company.

The delivery was received by the National Director of Geology and Mining, Luísa Maocha, representing the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Carlos Zacarias. “MRM is among the companies that play an exemplary role in the country’s development, contributing ideas and studies to the expansion of geological knowledge, transparency and production of mineral resources in Mozambique. The delivery of these precious stones is proof of this,” said Luísa Maocha. According to the information, this donation allows the National Geology Museum to expand its exhibitions, which previously had no ruby samples in its collection, on geological potential and the extractive industry.

The director of the National Geology Museum, Danta Rosse, emphasised the importance of this contribution: “Children, students and the general public have the right to contemplate the country’s resources and we are working with all the mining companies to ensure that this happens. MRM is the first company to respond positively by handing over a collection of rubies that will be kept at the National Geological Museum.”

Raime Raimundo, MRM’s corporate director, added that “by sharing these gem samples with the National Geological Museum, we are helping visitors to the museum to get to know them. We hope that some of these visitors, who will include students and children, will feel compelled to learn more about the gems, generating an interest for them to study gemology or geology and take pride in these Mozambican rubies.”

According to the press release, this collaboration between MRM and the National Geological Museum is yet another example of the company’s commitment to sustainable development and education. “MRM has already made a significant contribution to the local community by providing mobile health clinics, building schools and promoting agri-livestock projects. These initiatives demonstrate the company’s positive impact on the Montepuez region and its role in promoting geological knowledge and development in Mozambique,” reads the document.


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