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Multotec Embarks on Successful Trommel Projects in Heavy Minerals Mining 

Multotec Embarks on Successful Trommel Projects in Heavy Minerals Mining 

Minerals processing equipment manufacturer Multotec embarked on two major trommel projects in 2022 for the heavy minerals mining industry.

The first project, completed in July, involved the manufacture and supply of two new replacement trommels for a mine, while the second project, completed in December, involved refurbishing the trommel tyre and returning it to the plant within 30 days.

“The trommel process plays an important role for our client, as it helps to size the feed material and remove waste material efficiently, allowing for the subsequent gravity separation steps to operate more effectively. Trommels are also relatively low maintenance and easy to operate, making them a cost-effective solution for mineral sands processing,” says Multotec branch manager Shane Brider.

He explains that every plant has its own unique challenges, for which Multotec provides tailored solutions. For example, the different sands being mined have unique characteristics and, therefore, require different handling and trommel specifications.

Hence, there are several factors to consider when designing a new plant or upgrading trommels such as how the feed arrangement gets to the trommel, the type of material being mined and whether the material will change as the mining process moves from one area to another.

Other considerations include material pulp density – including the maximum and minimum trommel cut size – as well as whether the sand being processed is inconsistent and differs from area to area.

Trommel screen mesh size and drum speed can also impact on the efficiency of the separation process.

Multotec ensures that the trommel screens supplied are suitable for these various conditions. We have the experience, capabilities, expertise and service teams to support the minerals sands clients from our branches,” enthuses Brider.

Further, the company embarks on continuous research and development (R&D) initiatives to ensure that the processes and equipment used in the mining industry are up to date, enabling the company to streamline its processes and, consequently, improve efficiency and productivity for clients.

The company aims to supply equipment while providing maintenance services to ensure that equipment functions optimally and produces the required product quality.

“R&D is a critical part of the business because it provides us with a precise indication of how our products are performing on site and critical data for product improvements and new product design,” says Brider.

Multotec can process mineral sand test samples – processes which include cyclonesscreening, spirals and magnetic separation – at its in-house test work facilities, in Spartan, in Gauteng.

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The company also conducts test work on site, and offers mobile and modular test plants as required.

However, while the company aims to meet client demands, Brider notes its operations have been affected by loadshedding, which impacts network connection and, consequently, hinders communication with clients.

As a result, Multotec has installed solar panels and generators at its main production facilities in Spartan, and Pretoria, also in Gauteng.

The company has branches locally, as well as in Mozambique and Ghana, with every branch having a designated service team to support customers with repair, installation and maintenance solutions.

“We ensure that our clients are always kept in the loop. At the heart of all our operations is customer service, meaning that we work hard to meet our clients’ deadlines. If need be, we use subcontractors at branch level to meet client deadlines,” Brider concludes. 

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