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Mozambique Reaches More Than Half of This Year’s Expected Gold Production

Mozambique Reaches More Than Half of This Year’s Expected Gold Production

In the first half of this year, the country produced about 543 kg of gold, against 815 kg that were projected for the whole year. According to a source quoted by O País, these numbers represent an increase, thanks to the tracking and control of the production of this ore.

For three years, the country has recorded a considerable increase in the production of gold, and in 2019, more than 429 kg of gold was produced, against the 400 kg that were projected, and in the following year, the country expected to produce 430 kg and the goal was set at 487.9 kg. In 2021, the increase in gold production was again significant, exceeding the target, from 550 kg to 764.5 kg.

However, for the current year, the increase could be even more significant, according to the authorities, who expect to produce 815 kg of gold this year, while the target could reach one ton, as at least 543 kg was reached in the first quarter.

“We have increased the control capacity taking into account the screening that the Kimberley Process Management Unit has done from the mine to know how much it has produced and to whom it has sold, and we have thus reduced smuggling. Until last year, we only had two companies doing gold exports, but because of the tracking, the segment is done from the base of the production areas. The producers pay taxes and must show how much they produced and to whom they sold”, explained Castro Elias, executive director of the Kimberley Process Management Unit.

Castro Elias said that, thanks to the tracking, in the first quarter of this year it was also possible to recover about 20 kg of undeclared gold. According to him, these are 4 kg of black tourmaline, 271 grams of tourmaline class A, nearly 70 grams of garnet and 12.7 grams of tourmaline scrap.

“In the first quarter, there was the entry of two more exporters and, at this moment, negotiations are underway with three more exporters of these ores,” he revealed, and then pointed out that “creating facilities so that everyone can export legally, because when they do so, they increase foreign exchange in the state, was the reason why, last year, we had the revision of decree No. 25/2015, which resulted in decree No. 63/2021, of September 1. We did the removal of administrative barriers to licensing, because obtaining a license was taking too long, as there were requirements that didn’t make sense after we looked at them.”

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In November last year, the country was admitted to the Kimberly process and became authorized to export diamonds. However, it is not yet known when the first stone of this resource will be mined, as studies are still underway.

“Right now, right after the rainy season, a company went to the field, did a prospecting survey, and at this stage is already doing a feasibility study. There are 80 applications for research prospecting licenses that are in progress and are at the National Mining Institute for licenses. We also have 17 licenses in effect,” clarified the executive director.


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