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Mozambique Ranks Second Among African Countries With Highest Coal Production in 2024

Mozambique Ranks Second Among African Countries With Highest Coal Production in 2024

Coal production continues to be a key driver of economic growth and energy security in many African countries. Its importance in creating jobs, sustaining industries, and maintaining a consistent energy supply cannot be overstated. While there is growing demand to cut carbon emissions, African countries are presented with the opportunity to diversify their energy mix.

Despite global shifts toward renewable energy, coal remains an important resource in Africa, much like everywhere else, generating jobs, sustaining businesses, and contributing to energy production. Coal exports also contribute significantly to foreign exchange earnings.

Coal is an important source of power for many African countries, providing energy security and promoting industrial expansion. Coal-fired power stations are a dependable and cost-effective energy source in countries with restricted access to electricity.

Coal is also crucial for industrial growth. It is an essential component in steel manufacture, cement production, and other industrial operations.

Despite its advantages, coal mining in Africa confronts several obstacles. Sustainability concerns are a top priority, as coal mining and combustion contribute to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Fortunately, Africa on average produces a low amount of coal compared to the rest of the world.

According to the data provided by Global Fire Power, of the top 70 coal producing countries in the world, Africa has just 9 in that list, most of which fall below the average coal production.

Additionally, there is the global shift to renewable energy which while commendable remains a threat to revenue generation from the substance in Africa, especially considering that most of Africa has been slow to adapt to the new trends of cleaner energy options.

With that said, below are the 10 African countries that produce the most coal, according to Global Fire Power.

In its energy section, Global Fire Power (GFP) proffers data on the production and consumption of coal given its current relevance in the energy market. Basically, coal is a part of the GFP index formula given its importance in energy production across the world.

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Top African countries with the highest coal production in 2024

RankCountryCoal production in cubic meter(Cu.M)Global rank
1.South Africa248,300,0007th

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