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Local Content: Mining Company Exploiting Heavy Sands in Chibuto to Employ Young People

Local Content: Mining Company Exploiting Heavy Sands in Chibuto to Employ Young People

The Chinese company Ding Sheng Minerals, SA, which operates the Chibuto heavy sands mine in Gaza province, in the south of the country, has guaranteed that, as part of the valorisation of local content, it intends to invest this year in hiring young people from the region to work in different areas that the mining company needs.

This commitment was made by the company’s representative during the launch of the “Mobile Employment Desk” programme, an initiative carried out by the National Employment Institute.

“We intend to support the government’s efforts to create conditions to promote employment for young people in the province, some of whom are already benefiting from pre-professional internships,” explained the mining company, quoted by Rádio Moçambique.

In February, Ding Sheng Minerals, SA revealed the possibility of carrying out its first shipment by sea next August, as construction work on the Chongoene dock, the infrastructure that will be used to dock the vessels, is due to be completed soon.

Project manager You Jian Ping explained that the work is progressing at a satisfactory pace, adding that all disagreements with the communities have already been resolved.

Speaking to the press, he explained that the work is divided into three phases, the first of which will be completed by next August, during which time the export of heavy sands from Chibuto to various countries could begin.

“The construction of the Chongoene dock arises from the need to find a flexible and profitable way of exporting heavy sands, avoiding the high costs of transporting them by road to the Port of Maputo and then to foreign markets,” he said.

Ding Sheng Minerals has been operating in the Chibuto district since 2018, when it installed a unit with the capacity to process 10,000 tonnes of sand a day. Its concession has a term of 25 years and, during this period, it is expected to extract one million tonnes of ilmenite (titanium and iron oxide) a year, as well as heavy sands.

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