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IOM: “Artisanal Mining in Central Mozambique Attracts a Constant Flow of Migrants” – Report

IOM: “Artisanal Mining in Central Mozambique Attracts a Constant Flow of Migrants” – Report

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has revealed that artisanal mining in central Mozambique has attracted a constant flow of migrants, who contribute to the prosperity of this “hidden industry”.

In a report entitled “Assessment of the Demographic and Migratory Profile of Artisanal Miners (AMDM)”, the organisation explains that illicit activities have taken place in the districts of Gilé and Cahora Bassa, in the provinces of Zambézia and Tete, which are the main mining centres favoured by migrants.

“These informal mining sites are magnets for migrants. The promise of a better life, however small, forces people to travel long distances, often leaving their families behind,” says the document published on Thursday 4 April by the Mozambique Mining Journal.

The study argues that the vulnerabilities faced by communities, in terms of limited access to basic health care, creates fertile ground for the spread of communicable diseases.

“These mining areas are very distant from essential services, and we believe it is important that migrant-friendly healthcare models are created,” it emphasises.

The IOM argues that “as Mozambique faces the reality of artisanal mining, the human stories behind the picks and shovels cannot be ignored. That’s why, with this report, we aim to pave the way for a more nuanced understanding of this complex industry, laying the foundations for a future where both miners and their communities can thrive.”

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