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Inhambane: Project Worth $10M to Start Exporting Heavy Sands in 2024

Inhambane: Project Worth $10M to Start Exporting Heavy Sands in 2024

Mutamba Mineral Sands S.A. plans to start exporting heavy sands in 2024 from a project valued at 10 million dollars that is being developed in the district of Jangamo, Inhambane province, southern Mozambique.

According to the company’s managing director, Guilherme de Melo, construction is currently underway on a platform with the capacity to process 120 tonnes per hour, adding that one of the crucial challenges faced is transporting the ore to the export ports.

“The economic potential of this venture is significant, not just for the Inhambane region, but for the whole country. The export of heavy sands will promote local economic growth and provide employment opportunities and sustainable development,” he explained.

Guilherme de Melo also emphasised that the project stands out as a key element for mineral development in Mozambique. “With a state-of-the-art processing infrastructure, Mutamba Mineral Sands S.A. is positioned to play a crucial role in the international minerals market, contributing to the country’s economic diversification.”

The heavy sands project covers an area of 25,000 hectares in the districts of Jangamo and Inharrime, with mineral reserves estimated at four billion tonnes.


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