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Inhambane Heavy Sands Drilling to Start in December

Inhambane Heavy Sands Drilling to Start in December

Heavy sands exploration in Jangamo and Inharrime districts of Inhambane province will start at the end of this year. The project has an installed processing capacity of 120 tons per hour, valued at ten million dollars, and is owned by Mutamba Mineral Sands, a Mozambican company.

The enterprise was awarded a concession by the Government and should exploit an area of 25 thousand hectares of land, where it has been proven the existence of 4.4 billion tons of the ore.

The guarantee of the start of the exploitation of the heavy sands was given by the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME), Carlos Zacarias, who visited the enterprise a few days ago in order to follow closely the current stage of its implementation.

According to the minister, the most important phases that the mining area requires have already been executed, including the research, where the occurrence of the resource was confirmed at the site, with highlight to ilmenite, rutile and zircon.

According to the governor, at this moment, the company is doing evaluation work through experimental production, with the beginning of effective exploitation expected by the end of the year.

“According to our legislation, any enterprise needs to have the proper concession and environmental license. For the phase that follows, the investors have already started with the request to obtain the environmental license, one of the reasons that will dictate the start of production,” said the minister.

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In his turn, Monteiro Suege, responsible for Mutamba Mineral Sands, explained that at this moment work is underway to acquire the plant and assemble it in order to start production.

According to the source, before the start of production several activities are scheduled, with emphasis on the rehabilitation of the facilities of the main camp, the access road to the camp and the processing plant, among others.

It should be recalled that the process of heavy sands research in Jangamo and Inharrime began 13 years ago.


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