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Government Proposes Creation of Rescue Teams to Reinforce Mine Safety

Government Proposes Creation of Rescue Teams to Reinforce Mine Safety

In order to tackle the risks inherent in the mining sector and improve the response to emergencies, the government has proposed the creation of rescue teams in all mining companies in the country. This initiative was highlighted by the Secretary of State for Tete province, Elisa Zacarias, during the opening of the 6th National Council of the Inspectorate General for Mineral Resources and Energy (IGRME), held on Thursday (20) in the city of Tete.

Zacarias stressed that the lack of specialised rescue teams has compromised safety in mining operations. “It is crucial to set up these teams to guarantee an effective response in emergency situations,” she said. According to news reports, the government’s position comes at a time when the mining sector is facing significant challenges in terms of safety and accident prevention.

The Secretary of State emphasised the importance of continuous training for IGRME employees and the need for adequate investment in the installation of rescue and salvage facilities in mining companies. “The training of employees and the provision of appropriate equipment are fundamental to improving safety,” she reiterated.

As part of the measures to strengthen safety in the sector, she announced the creation of a specialised rescue training centre in Tete province. “This centre will ensure that teams are well prepared to face risky situations, increasing safety in mining operations,” she explained.

IGRME’s inspector-general, Grácio Cune, reported that the organisation has implemented improvements in compliance with safety regulations by inspection agents. “These improvements are essential to ensure that mining operations comply with regulations and protect workers,” he said.

Grácio Cune also pointed out that several mining companies in Maputo, Tete and Manica have already implemented fire brigades in recent years, demonstrating a growing commitment to safety. “These initiatives have contributed significantly to reducing risks and improving the response to accidents in the mines,” he added.

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