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Government Approves Extension of Mining Benefits to Districts and Provinces

Government Approves Extension of Mining Benefits to Districts and Provinces

The districts and provinces where mining or oil exploration is carried out will now receive dividends from the revenues resulting from this activity, thus extending the scope of a practice that was so far reserved to the communities.

The information was advanced this Tuesday, May 30, by the Government spokesperson, Filimão Suaze, moments after the 19th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers.

Thus, these administrative divisions will now benefit from a tax of 7.25% of mining or oil production, in a measure aimed at the development of these regions.

The 2,75% percentage that the communities have been receiving for the exploration of the resources that are developed at a local level is maintained.

In the same session, the Government approved the decree that approves the general rules for customs clearance and revokes decrees 9/2017, of April 6, and 70/2022, of December 28.

The general rules establish the principles and standards for control and customs clearance of goods, merchandise, valuables and their respective means of transport, and extend to all forms of international trade, including national electronic cross-border customs.

Also under consideration and approved was the decree that approves the Regulation of the Code of Excise Taxes and revokes Decree number 75/2019, of September 16.

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The respective legal instrument, as the government spokesman mentioned, establishes the form and procedures for taxation of specific consumption.

Filimão Suaze, who is also Deputy Minister of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs, said that the Council of Ministers approved the decree reviewing Decree number 51/2000, of December 21, which approves the distribution of fixed and variable fees in the rail-port concession contracts.

This revision aims to update the regime of distribution of revenue from variable fixed fees in the rail-port concession contracts, to allow the realization of investments in the transport and maritime sectors, create conditions for the fulfillment of the Granting Authority obligations in the rail-port concessions, the respective regulation and the increase of revenues to the Treasury.


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