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Quelimane Port Fit for International Traffic

Quelimane Port Fit for International Traffic

The Port and Railway Company of Mozambique (CFM) has announced that the Port of Quelimane, in Zambezia province, is ready for international traffic of ships with capacity of up to ten thousand metric tons gross.

For that purpose, the company this year invested around US$3 million in dredging operations to make it more competitive, and reached a depth of between four and five metres in the port and between six and seven metres in the access channel.


The announcement was made by CFM Chairman Miguel Matabel, who was speaking to the region’s business community about the business potential at the port of Quelimane, noting that the facilities were ready to handle cargo from ships with a capacity of up to ten thousand metric tons gross.

Speaking at the conference for the promotion and boosting of the port’s potential, Matabel explained that the dredging strategy aimed to increase revenues and provide opportunities for hinterland countries to use the infrastructure for imports.

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In his turn, the governor of Zambézia, Pior Matos, invited national and foreign businesspeople to use the port of Quelimane to re-launch economic growth and make possible anchor projects for the Mocuba Special Economic Zone.


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