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Maputo Port: Expansion Increases Government Revenue Forecast to $8B in the Next 25 Years

Maputo Port: Expansion Increases Government Revenue Forecast to $8B in the Next 25 Years

Last week, the government approved a resolution empowering the Minister of Transport and Communications to negotiate the terms and conditions of the Addendum to the Concession Contract with the concessionaire MPDC – Sociedade de Desenvolvimento do Porto de Maputo. In the same resolution, the Executive asks the concessionaire MPDC to make additional investments to increase cargo handling capacity.

On Monday, November 20, the head of the Transport and Communications portfolio, Mateus Magala, explained the government’s decision, which foresees an increase in port handling capacity from the current 37 million tonnes to around 52 million tonnes a year and from the current 270,000 containers to one million containers, in an investment of more than two billion dollars with a direct return for the state of more than 8 billion dollars over the 25 years foreseen for the extension of the concession.

According to the Carta de Moçambique news portal, the government official, who was speaking during the inauguration of the Pessene Transit Management Park, under the management of MPDC, said that the basis of the new investments “is expected to be the creation of the necessary capacity” to meet the growth potential of goods travelling through the Maputo corridor, increasing road and rail handling capacity.

“In this process, effective coordination and integration of all stakeholders is essential in order to maximise the use of the corridor, making it a real instrument for promoting our nation’s economic and social progress. Aware of this challenge, we are working towards the creation of the corridor management body next year, which will have the task of coordinating and bringing together the various interests of the players, in order to aggregate synergies and stimulate the reforms needed to turn the potential installed here into a source of quality job creation and prosperity for all,” said the minister, quoted by the website.

With the same aim, the minister continued, the government recently approved the principle of involving the private sector in the rehabilitation, operation, management and transformation of Ressano Garcia into a one-stop border. “Considering that the One Stop Border is not just about sharing border infrastructure, but mainly about integrating processes and procedures, joint border operations are already underway, through the sharing of data and the simplification of procedures that will allow transit times at the Ressano Garcia border to be reduced,” concluded Magala.

The Pessene Traffic Management Park was announced in March 2023, after a meeting between the minister, the governor of Maputo Province and managers from MPDC and Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique to find solutions to minimise the congestion on the N4, caused by ore trucks bound for the Port of Maputo and Matola. The 20-hectare park has capacity for 250 lorries and the number is expected to double in the short and medium term. Associated with the Park is a measure to restrict lorry traffic on the N4 at peak times, at the beginning and end of the day.

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