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Minister Calls for Urgent Reforms in Maputo Corridor

Minister Calls for Urgent Reforms in Maputo Corridor

The Mozambican Minister of Transport and Communications, Mateus Magala, has called for urgent reforms to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the southern Maputo Corridor.

Magala pointed out as examples the digitalization of procedures in order to reduce time spent crossing the Mozambique/South African border, improvement of services at the border, and improved accesses to the Ressano Garcia road and rail terminals.


For this purpose, a multi-sector team comprising representatives of the State institutions involved in the Maputo Corridor and transport infrastructure managers has already received instructions. according to a press release from the Transport Ministry.

This team will work to define specific actions, accountability and deadlines for their implementation.

‘The visit was aimed at finding out about the operation of the infrastructures visited, identifying and systematizing the main challenges and prospects for improving the performance of this Corridor’, document said.

Magala worked successively at the Ressano Garcia border, Infulene railway station and the Port of Maputo.

At Ressano Garcia, he visited the International Road Terminal, the Border Bypass and the Transit Cargo Rail Terminal.

At Infulene, the minister was updated about the operation of the new Railway Telecommunication System (STC – Safe Train Control), an important tool for train circulation and the promotion of railway safety.

During the visit, the minister noted that a number of challenges still persist, namely manual procedures for the clearance of goods and transit control, which contribute to the slowness of border crossings.

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It was therefore necessary to expand and modernize some infrastructures in Ressano Garcia, and to train state agents to improve the quality of services provided.

The visit ended at the Port of Maputo, where the Minister was invited to appreciate the operation of the various terminals, and expansion prospects

Speaking at the end of the visit, Magala pointed to the need for a Corridor Manager to coordinate the actions of all stakeholders in the provision of logistics services in the Maputo Corridor as an overall challenge.



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