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Maputo Port Expansion Boosts Booming Mozambique Minerals Trade

Maputo Port Expansion Boosts Booming Mozambique Minerals Trade

The recent allocation of the new 3-hectare slab 8 has been met with overwhelming demand from our customers. As a result, the annual handling capacity for key mineral commodities (excluding coal and magnetite) is set to surge to 12.4 million tonnes upon the activation of this new facility.

Neusa Monjane Saranga, the Commercial Director of MPDC, highlighted, “The market’s demand for minerals has risen by an additional 4 million tonnes. Our customers have already completely occupied this new slab, which boasts an annual handling capacity of 1.2 million tonnes. In response, we are actively implementing strategies to enhance efficiency, aiming to maximize our handling volumes.”

This dedicated slab is equipped with a specialized weighbridge and supplemented by additional equipment and staffing investments. “It forms an integral part of our port’s Phase 1 expansion programme targeting bulk, break bulk and container capacity upgrades to ride the mineral export boom”, she added.

While chrome and ferrochrome remain significant contributors to our cargo volumes, Neusa Monjane Saranga shared insights revealing a remarkable diversification of the Port´s mineral portfolio over the last two years – attracting a broader spectrum of commodities, spanning from vanadium and lithium to logs.

As a result of these enhancements, the Port of Maputo is poised to handle an excess of 30 million freight tonnes in 2023, solidifying its reputation as the Indian Ocean gateway to the mineral-rich hinterlands of Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Furthermore, the port has clinched transport deals with producers further afield in Africa amid heightening global supply chain diversification dynamics.

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