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Korea-Africa Summit: “Mozambique Has Potential in Agriculture, Mining, Gas and Energy” – Filipe Nyusi

Korea-Africa Summit: “Mozambique Has Potential in Agriculture, Mining, Gas and Energy” – Filipe Nyusi

The Mozambican President, Filipe Nyusi, said that the country is available to receive South Korean ventures and investments, saying that there is great potential in the areas of agriculture, mining, gas and energy, which makes Mozambican one of the most attractive African countries.

Speaking on Tuesday 4 June during the Korea-Africa summit in Seoul, the statesman stressed that the private and business sectors play a crucial role in leveraging economic development.

‘Mozambique is one of the African countries with significant economic potential and abundant resources, such as arable land, a favourable climate for diverse food crops, marine mineral resources, as well as natural gas and other renewable energies,’ he stressed.

In the same speech, Nyusi emphasised the need to ‘embrace economic growth, sustainability and solidarity to forge a viable and prosperous path for future generations’.

‘Economic growth is vital for the development of any society, as it drives job creation, increases income, improves people’s quality of life and promotes prosperity,’ he pointed out.

The head of state explained that the country must implement balanced development practices and policies that protect the environment and favour energy efficiency, reduce waste and encourage the responsible use of natural resources.

‘This summit should serve to build a fairer and more inclusive future, recognising the interconnectedness of all human beings and acting collaboratively and with compassion to tackle global challenges such as poverty, pandemics, inequality and climate change,’ he added.

‘We recognise the comparative advantages of the Republic of South Korea arising from its financial capacity and industrial and business technology, which could contribute to accelerating growth in the world,’ he stressed.

‘The message we want to send out at this summit is the need to promote investments and mutually beneficial partnerships where everyone wins. That’s why we once again invite Korean businesspeople and others from our continent to embrace business initiatives and investments in the areas that Mozambique offers,’ he concluded.


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