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Kenmare Records 87% Increase in Ilmenite Production in Q3

Kenmare Records 87% Increase in Ilmenite Production in Q3

Australian mining company Kenmare, which operates the Moma heavy sands in the north of the country, announced last week it had recorded increased production of all its finished products. According to the results report presented by the firm’s CEO Michael Carvill, in Q3 2021, Ilmenite production was 314 400 tonnes, representing an 87% increase and HMC production was 413 400 tonnes, representing a 60% increase compared to Q3 2020.

“Market conditions for all products remained strong in Q3 2021, with strengthening quarter-on-quarter pricing, a robust order book in place and positive outlook across all markets,” the report read.

According to Kenmare’s Managing Director, total shipments of finished goods were 322 600 tones, representing an increase of 173% compared to Q3 2020.

The results report also points out, that demand for Kenmare’s products remained robust in Q3 2021, supporting strong sales volumes and further price increases.

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Kenmare Resources is one of the world’s leading producers of titanium and zirconium minerals.


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