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United Arab Emirates Could Fund US$800 Million for N1 Rehabilitation

United Arab Emirates Could Fund US$800 Million for N1 Rehabilitation

Mozambique may receive, until March this year, a funding of 800 million dollars, from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The amount will be used for the rehabilitation of some sections of the National Road Number One (N1).

According to the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, a team of Arab engineers has already been to Mozambique, toured the N1 and presented a report on what was found, from the needs to the type of intervention required.

According to the Head of State, negotiations for funding should be concluded by March of this year, stressing that the US$800 million to be made available will serve to rehabilitate about 1,500 kilometres of the N1.

“During our previous visit [to the UAE], in October, we began negotiations for $800 million. I think the agreement could be signed in March and move to the disbursement stage. We are talking about around 1,500 kilometres of road, and for this part we have already obtained the financing. We still need the roads that connect to the N1,” the statesman said.

The N1, the only road that links the south, centre and north of the country, has been the scene of serious traffic accidents, with several deaths and almost always involving public transport, a problem associated to speeding, according to the authorities, who also admit that the road is in poor condition at several points.

In April 2022, the government announced the intention to rehabilitate the N1 and, according to calculations by the Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources, the works were budgeted at US$750 million.

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The rehabilitation, which includes construction of a total of 13 tolls, will cover 1,300 kilometres of the 2477 kilometres of highway.

According to the government, work to rehabilitate the road will begin in the second half of this year, and the government already has half of the fund from the World Bank, which in August 2022 approved US$400 million for the Safe Roads project, which includes support for the rehabilitation of the N1.



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