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Seven New tolls Come Into Operation on June 1

Seven New tolls Come Into Operation on June 1

  • Although the respective toll tariffs are yet to be approved, seven new road tolls are coming into operation in Mozambique in around two weeks’ time, it has been announced.

The seven new tolls which will come into operation from June 1st on Mozambican roads are: the Chidenguele toll, in Gaza province; the Nhancundela, Malova and Mapinhane tolls in Inhambane province; the Kumuaza-Chenga toll in Manica province, and the Utuculo and Congerenge tolls in Niassa.

The announcement was made yesterday by Filimão Suaze, spokesperson for the 15th Session of the Council of Ministers’ meeting in the Mozambican capital.

The construction of the seven tolls cost 238 million meticais, disbursed by the Road Fund as part of the Self-Sustained Road Maintenance Program (PROASME).

Law on the Legal regime of Bank Accounts

In yesterday’s cabinet session, the government also approved a proposed change in the Law on the Legal Regime of Bank Accounts lowering the minimum age for opening a bank account from 21 to 18. Teenagers from 15 years of age will be able to open a bank account if authorised by their legal guardians.

The proposed law, still to be submitted to the Assembly of the Republic, is part of the continuity of the measures that have been adopted to give greater strength to the Law to Combat Money Laundering.

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The new law also establishes the legal framework for relations between customers and banks, with the aim of fostering safe, transparent and conscious access to financial services.



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