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Port of Beira Achieves Productivity Record in Chromium Handling

Port of Beira Achieves Productivity Record in Chromium Handling

During the last loading of the MV FYM SAPPHIRA by Cornelder de Moçambique (CdM), between 11 and 13 June 2024, the Port of Beira set a new record for handling chromium (a transition metal used in the manufacture of stainless steel) by completing the loading of 27,588 tonnes in 45 hours and 48 minutes.

According to the company, this achievement is the result of significant investments in ore handling capacity.

A company source, quoted by Club of Mozambique, said that CdM had completed the first phase of construction of the ore terminal, which now includes a four-hectare storage area for various bulk and bagged ores.

“In addition, this year CdM took delivery of a new fleet of 35-tonne excavators and wheel loaders, with 7m³ capacity buckets that are used to load bulk tubs in record time, being transported to the quay by a renewed and expanded fleet of terminal tractors,” he added.

According to the same source, “the excellent collaboration of the ship’s crew and its local agents was decisive for the success of the operation”.

It should be noted that this chromium handling record follows other recent records, including the loading of granite blocks and the unloading of clinker and sulphur in bulk over the last two months.

Later this year, the start of phase 2 of the ore terminal is planned, which will include new facilities to improve the flow of lorries and equipment, further increasing productivity and efficiency.

For the second half of this year, new ship loading methods are also planned, such as an in-house developed bulk container tipping system.

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With these improvements, it is expected that the current record will soon be surpassed, as stated by the company source. Cornelder de Moçambique set a productivity record for handling chrome ore, reaching an average daily gross productivity of 14,446 tonnes, a 40% improvement on the previous record of 10,400 tonnes per day.


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