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Over 450 Million Meticals Applied for Rehabilitation of EN7

Over 450 Million Meticals Applied for Rehabilitation of EN7

The National Road Number 7 (EN7), which links Vanduzi in Manica to Changara in Tete, is under works aiming to improve the transit of people and goods. For this purpose, 456 million meticais are being invested, an amount collected from the collection of the Púnguè-Sul and Lucite tolls, which have been in operation for a year. The work consists of plugging holes and improving critical sections of the highway, which is about 280 kilometers long.

According to the delegate of the Road Fund in Manica, Manuel Pinto, quoted by Notícias, 800 to 1000 vehicles pass through EN7 daily, including private individuals, passengers and cargo, bound for Tete and others that transport goods to the “hinterland” countries such as DR Congo, Malawi and Zambia.

Pinto recognized the participation of citizens in the maintenance of the road, because he believes that in addition to making it safe and in good transit conditions, it also ensures that the production can be drained to the main markets.

The provincial delegate of the Road Fund pointed out that in order to guarantee the maintenance of the roads in Manica, parallel to the filling of potholes, the implementation of the Camuazanchenga toll road, in the district of Báruè and the expansion of Púnguè-Sul, consisting of the construction of one more cabin, works budgeted at a little over 70 million meticais, are underway.

“The perspective is to raise more resources for the interventions located along the EN7, since the funds collected from the Púnguè-Sul toll are not sufficient for the maintenance of the road,” he said.

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He pointed out that with the opening of the Camuazanchenga toll station it is expected to collect 350,000 meticais per day and over 10 million meticais per month, taking into account the flow. While the users contribute to the improvement of the EN7, the Government invests in the rehabilitation of the road network in the province.


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