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Mateus Magala: Government Defends Setting Up Telecoms Infrastructure to Withstand Natural Disasters

Mateus Magala: Government Defends Setting Up Telecoms Infrastructure to Withstand Natural Disasters

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Mateus Magala, says that the extreme events that have occurred with greater frequency and intensity in recent years require deep reflection and the implementation of resilient infrastructures and the expansion of broadband services in rural areas.

According to Magala, the passage of cyclones Idai and Kenneth, which hit the central and northern regions of Mozambique, affected various sectors of the economy, particularly the telecommunications sector, which recorded losses estimated at around 49.23 million dollars and 1.6 million dollars respectively.

The damage caused by the extreme events includes destruction of telecommunications infrastructure and loss of human life.

The extreme events also affected the emergency response and the population in general due to the interruption of telecoms services.

For this reason, the government recognises the need to increase the level of penetration of telecommunications services, bearing in mind that in Mozambique there are more than 16 million subscribers, which represents a rate of 50% and the population that owns a mobile phone is estimated at around 49%.

Mateus Magala’s statements come after the meeting on the quality of Telecommunications Services and Workshop organised by the International Telecommunications Union.

“Mozambique’s Transport and Communications sector has defined digitalisation as one of the five priorities of its strategic approach, because it simplifies production processes, increases the efficiency of operations, revolutionises access to knowledge, promotes the inclusion and participation of citizens in choosing the various development options and access to basic social services,” said Magala.

He said that due to its geographical location, Mozambique is vulnerable to natural disasters, as on average the country is hit by one tropical storm or cyclone and three or four other tropical disturbances a year.

At this meeting, Mozambique wants ideas systematised so that the countries that make up the International Telecommunications Union develop cyber security systems that protect infrastructures, services and users of telecommunications services.

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For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Communications Regulatory Authority (INCM), Tuaha Mote, believes that the organisation of the meeting of study group 12 of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for the African region and the Workshop on Quality of Telecommunications Services, will allow synergies to be identified and pooled for the development of international standards in the region.

“Concerned with ensuring that regulatory practices encourage fair competition, stimulate investment in infrastructures and guarantee that consumers have access to quality services, INCM has chosen quality of service as one of its regulatory pillars in its strategic plan,” said INCM’s CEO.

It should be noted that the four-day meeting, starting today, will be attended by the Counsellor of the International Telecommunications Union’s Quality of Service Study Group, Martin Adolph, specialists from regulatory bodies, service providers, equipment manufacturers, academics and other individuals.



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