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Mozambican Government Wants to Improve Safety on Maritime Navigation

Mozambican Government Wants to Improve Safety on Maritime Navigation

The government is seeking mechanisms to improve the conditions of navigability and maritime safety, in order to respond to the growing use of the Mozambican coast, lakes and rivers for transporting people and goods.

To this end, the authorities are committed, according to Notícias, to make available data on the national maritime space and also from other countries, already in a global perspective and cooperation among nations.

The information was provided in Maputo by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Dina Ribeiro, at the opening ceremony of the 18th Annual Meeting of the Hydrographic Commission of the Islands and Countries of Southern Africa.

In the occasion, Dina Ribeiro defended the need for this commission to coordinate the activities of the national hydrographic services and to establish standards in order to promote uniformity in the production of nautical charts and other documents essential to the safety of navigation.

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“The Government will continue to facilitate the implementation of all activities involving the sea, promoting ocean research and contributing to the safety and protection of the marine environment,” she assured.


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