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“Mocímboa da Praia Port Rehabilitation Works are in Conclusive Phase”

“Mocímboa da Praia Port Rehabilitation Works are in Conclusive Phase”

The port of Mocímboa da Praia, in Cabo Delgado province, was damaged following terrorist attacks, but the government revealed that the rehabilitation works are already in a conclusive phase.

The information was provided by the provincial director of Industry and Trade, Nossifo Magaia, during the 8th meeting of the public-private dialogue, which was held this Monday, November 7, in the city of Pemba, under the guidance of the provincial governor, Valige Tauabo.

Nossifo Magaia said that the operationalization of the port of Mocímboa da Praia will boost development, not only for the district, but also for the entire northern region, due to its geographical location.

The port of Mocímboa da Praia is of capital importance for the logistics of the entire economy in the north of Cabo Delgado province, especially for the liquefied natural gas exploration projects in Palma district. The town is located about 70 kilometers from the construction area of the natural gas exploration project led by the French group Total.

Cabo Delgado province has been terrorized since 2017 by armed violence, with some attacks claimed by the extremist group Islamic State.

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The insurgency has led to a military response since a year ago with support from Rwanda and SADC, liberating districts near the gas projects, but new waves of attacks have emerged south of the region and in neighboring Nampula province.

In five years, the conflict has made one million people displaced, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and about 4000 deaths, according to the ACLED conflict registration project.


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