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Inhambane: ANE Allocates 260M Meticals for Road Rehabilitation

Inhambane: ANE Allocates 260M Meticals for Road Rehabilitation

The National Roads Administration (ANE) will disburse 260 million meticals for the rehabilitation of the Mapinhane-Mabote and Mabote-Funhalouro roads, covering a stretch of 230 kilometres in Inhambane province, according to the newspaper Noticias.

This rehabilitation project will include specific interventions at the most critical points and the installation of small bridges to manage the accumulation of water during the rainy season. According to the administrator of the Mabote district, Carlos Eduardo Mussanhane, these areas are particularly affected by flooding and road subsidence, making it difficult for vehicles and goods to circulate.

According to Carlos Eduardo Mussanhane, this project represents a strategic shift by ANE, which has decided to abandon periodic short-term maintenance, such as plugging potholes, in favour of complete rehabilitation or the construction of new roads. “This approach aims to guarantee a lasting improvement in the quality of the roads and their accessibility in the region,” he said.

Inhambane’s road network totals 4603 kilometres, including primary roads (558 km), secondary roads (266 km), tertiary roads (1154 km), side roads (902 km) and unclassified roads (723 km). Last year, 1,043 kilometres of roads were repaired, achieving 88% of the planned length. This year, the plan is to maintain approximately 1080 kilometres of roads, both surfaced and unsurfaced, as well as maintaining around 805 metres of bridges.

The Secretary of State for Inhambane, Amosse Macamo, emphasised the importance of concentrating efforts on one or two priority roads to avoid dispersing funds and guarantee the completion of significant projects. “This strategy has already proved successful in the rehabilitation of the Homoíne-Panda road,” he emphasised.
Amosse Macamo also emphasised the need for better coordination with financial partners, so that investments are targeted effectively, avoiding isolated actions that do not consider the road network as a whole.

According to Noticias, a survey carried out last year revealed that 27.6% of the road network was in reasonable condition, corresponding to 856 kilometres. However, this percentage may have decreased due to the heavy rains at the beginning of this year, which aggravated the deterioration of several roads.

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