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Government to Introduce Rail Passenger Transport to Zimbabwe

Government to Introduce Rail Passenger Transport to Zimbabwe

The government is going to introduce passenger rail transport to neighbouring Zimbabwe. The information was revealed by the Mozambican President, who launched the reintroduction of the passenger train on the Beira to Machipanda route at the Machipanda border.

The last passenger train on the Beira to Machipanda route was in 1997. Traffic was interrupted due to the degradation of the railway line. In 2020, track rehabilitation began, which included the elimination of 10 of the 14 tight curves on the 317-kilometre track. The work, which cost 200 million dollars, was completed this month.

26 years later, President Filipe Nyusi and his Zimbabwean counterpart, Emmerson Mnangagwa, relaunched the movement of people by rail.

Filipe Nyusi said that his government is doing everything it can to get the train across the border to Zimbabwe.

Filipe Nyusi says that the train is an alternative to road transport and urged the Police and Migration Services not to complicate the transit of citizens.

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“I’m very impressed with your vision [Filipe Nyusi]. As a result of using the road system alone, we are moving around two million tonnes of cargo. It would be easier if that amount was transported by rail, not by road. It’s a way of avoiding damage to the roads by lorries. And it’s very expensive to transport heavy loads on the roads. But now with the rehabilitation of the railway lines, we will save the cost of doing business between countries like Botswana, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi,” said the Zimbabwean president.

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