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Government Promises Alternative Road to EN1

Government Promises Alternative Road to EN1

The government plans to build an alternative road to National Road Number One, which links the country from south to north. The Minister of Public Works and Housing once again spoke of the EN1 and said that work will begin in the first half of 2024.

At a time when many sections of the EN1 are dilapidated, the government went to Parliament to promise a road project that would be an alternative to the motorway.
“It is also on our government’s agenda to develop an alternative road to the N1, which we believe will pass through Macia, Chókwè, Mapai, Massangena, Mussorize, Chimoio and Inchope. To do this, we will have to build a bridge over the Save River in Massangena, where the process of hiring the consultant who will carry out studies and design the project is already underway,” said the minister in Parliament.
Carlos Mesquita spoke of progress in the plan to rehabilitate the EN1, the only road linking the country from north to south.

“We have already started the process of hiring consultants to carry out the conceptual project for the rehabilitation of 508 kilometres of sections of the EN1, namely Inchope-Gorongosa, with 70 km; Gorongosa-Caia, 168 km; Chimuara-Nicoadala, 176 km and Metoro-Pemba, with 94 km, whose works we expect to be awarded in the first half of 2024. While these rehabilitation works have not started, we will continue with the emergency repair works, including other sections that have already been awarded, namely Inchope-Casa Nova and Casa Nova-Rio Save-Inhassoro,” he said.

Mesquita said that the government is mobilising financial resources to build a road from Zumbo, in Tete province, to Índico, in Zambézia province.

The Prime Minister says that the Economic Acceleration Package is already being felt in the economy through figures that show an improvement in the country’s business sectors. Adriano Maleiane was speaking this Wednesday in the Assembly of the Republic at another government question and answer session.

“The implementation of these measures is making it possible to attract more investment, reduce costs in carrying out economic activities, stimulate the production of goods and services, as well as contributing to macroeconomic stability and the growth of our country’s Gross Domestic Product. By way of illustration, our Gross Domestic Product, throughout this year, has been on an accelerating trend, having stood at 4.17 per cent, 4.67 per cent and 5.92 per cent in the first, second and third quarters respectively,” said Adriano Maleiane.

For his part, the Minister for the Economy and Finance revealed that Petromoc’s debt level had fallen enormously.

“The level of debt has been reduced by around 75 per cent in the last five years, from 3.87 billion Meticais in 2022 to 969 million in September 2023. As a result, the company’s debt situation is at sustainable levels, reducing the fiscal risk for the state,” said Tonela.

Max Tonela also spoke about the companies Aeroportos de Moçambique, LAM and Tmcel, which, in his view, tend to record positive results.

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