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ARA-Sul and WWF Clean up Umbelúzi River Basin in Boane

ARA-Sul and WWF Clean up Umbelúzi River Basin in Boane

The Regional Administration of Águas do Sul (ARA- Sul), in coordination with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Mozambique, is embarking on a clean-up of the Umbelúzi river in Boane district, Maputo province.

The campaign will remove invasive aquatic plants along the river course, which will improve the quality and quantity of available water, in addition to helping in the monitoring and management of water resources.

The three-month campaign will cover a distance of just over 20 kilometres, starting from the Umbelúzi water treatment plant, at a cost of about seven million meticais.

The director of the Umbelúzi River Basin Division, Jaime Timba, told Radio Mozambique that the cleaning action will not have a negative impact on the intake of water for the Umbelúzi water treatment plant or for irrigation.

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ARA-Sul is the water agency responsible for the river basins in southern Mozambique, including the trans-boundary flood prone rivers Limpopo and Maputo.

Radio Moçambique


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