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ANE Provides 190M Meticals for Road Rehabilitation in Niassa

ANE Provides 190M Meticals for Road Rehabilitation in Niassa

The National Roads Administration (ANE) has 190 million of meticais available for the rehabilitation of roads destroyed by the rain in the province of Niassa, in the north of the country. According to the local ANE delegate, Oreste Zezela, around 3,000 kilometres of roads will benefit from works starting next month.

“These are asphalted and earthed roads that were severely affected in the last rainy season that will benefit from routine maintenance,” said the delegate, cited by Radio Mozambique, on Monday, 8 May.

Oreste Zezela highlighted the Cuamba-Marrupa, Marrupa-Mecula, Unango-Matchedje and Cuamba-Mecanhelas roads as the ones that will benefit from maintenance.

For this intervention, the source said that the amount is still negligible considering the level of damage caused by the rain on the province’s roads.

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The Government of Niassa said that over 40 contractors had already been selected to carry out the work.


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