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Mozambique Looks to South Korea for Industrialisation Experience

Mozambique Looks to South Korea for Industrialisation Experience

The Mozambican Chamber of Commerce is taking part in the 1st Korea-Africa Summit, a two-day event starting on Tuesday (04), to be held in Seoul, the capital of this Asian nation, with a focus on the country’s industrialisation.

The Summit, whose motto is ‘The Future We Build Together: Economic Growth, Sustainability and Solidarity”, will be attended by Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi, who will join more than 30 Heads of State and Government who are also expected to take part in the event.

CCM is taking a delegation of around 30 businesspeople from various sectors to the event, including agriculture, manufacturing and fisheries, among others.

‘As we know, Korea had a similar path to Mozambique. However, in a very short space of time it managed to reach the levels of development that we can all see today,’ said Teresa Muenda, CCM’s secretary-general.

Teresa Muenda, CCM’s secretary-general

For this reason, she explained, ‘we want to take advantage of the experience that Korean businesspeople have and see if we can convince them to invest in Mozambique’.

He said that Mozambique currently exports a lot of raw materials such as graphite and copper. That’s why, said Muenda, ‘CCM wants to see if it can mobilise Korean businesspeople to invest in these areas and thus help the government in the industrialisation process that we are all aiming for.

As a way of ensuring permanent contact with Korean and Mozambican businesspeople, businesspeople from both countries are going to sign two memoranda of understanding. The first is with the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the second with the Korea International Trade Association.

The CCM believes that the signing of these memoranda will help to strengthen trade relations. The organisation will also appoint a delegate who will be the focal point for Korean businesspeople who want to invest in Mozambique and vice versa.

‘So this will be our 24th international delegation to be set up around the world,’ the source emphasised.

Muenda goes further and emphasises the importance of the event, saying that it is an excellent opportunity to explore the presence of the other African countries that are also taking part in the Summit.

‘We know that we are currently taking galloping steps towards intra-African trade and this will be a great window for Mozambican businesspeople to exchange experiences and business opportunities with other African businesspeople,’ he said.

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During the event, participants will discuss collaborative solutions to promote collective strength and solidarity for sustainable development, with an emphasis on solving global challenges such as climate change, food security, supply chain stability and health security.



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