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Beluluane Industrial Park Contributes $900M to GDP

Beluluane Industrial Park Contributes $900M to GDP

The MozParks-managed Beluluane Industrial Park in the Boane district of Maputo province has emerged as a key player in the country’s economy.

According to a report by Jornal Domingo, the 52 companies within the park collectively contribute approximately US$900 million to Mozambique’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Beluluane’s tenants hail from 17 countries, showcasing a diverse international presence that includes the United States of America, Pakistan, India, South Africa, Portugal, and Tanzania.

The majority of these enterprises are engaged in the Mozal aluminium value chain, with Mozal itself producing a substantial 500,000 tonnes of aluminium annually. Notably, a significant portion of this output is utilised locally by Midal Cables Internacional, a prominent producer of electrical cables.

The industrial ecosystem at Beluluane also extends beyond aluminium production, encompassing sectors such as agro-processing, metalworking, and catering services. The park hosts factories specialising in cashew nuts, tubes for oil and gas piping, and industrial accessories for local supply chains.

This diverse industrial landscape has not only bolstered Mozambique’s GDP but has also been instrumental in job creation, with approximately 10,000 jobs generated by the 52 companies.

Of these, 5,000 are directly associated with the Mozal project, while the remaining positions support industries with indirect ties to the anchor company.

The development of Beluluane Industrial Park represents a significant investment in Mozambique’s industrial infrastructure, with over US$3.2 billion allocated to its design.

Mozal, a key contributor to the park’s success, has invested more than US$2 billion in the project, underscoring its commitment to the region’s economic growth.

This thriving industrial hub continues to drive innovation, economic growth, and job opportunities in Mozambique, showcasing the potential for strategic industrial parks to catalyse sustainable development and economic diversification.

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