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Government: “Kidnapping Cases Reveal Links Between Businessmen in the Same Industry”

Government: “Kidnapping Cases Reveal Links Between Businessmen in the Same Industry”

The government stressed on Tuesday (19) that the wave of kidnappings that has been taking place over the last ten years in the country indicates a strong link between businessmen belonging to the same line of business.

Speaking after another session of the Council of Ministers, Pascoal Ronda, Minister of the Interior, explained that the authorities are currently carrying out in-depth studies to ascertain the details behind the kidnappings, including the people who ordered them.

“We’re in a business world where there are illegal and legal things and sometimes there are also charges between those involved. That’s why we’re studying, based on criminal intelligence, the reasons why people from the same area are always kidnapped,” he said.

He said that the kidnappers, who have been captured and detained in national jails, have confessed to the participation of foreign masterminds, and described the place where the criminal acts are negotiated.

“The kidnappers are not idle, and usually even follow all the information broadcast by the media, as a way of keeping an eye out and being able to hide. The Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) are working hard to get to the real masterminds of the kidnappings,” he said.

Kidnappings in the country began in 2021, mainly affecting businesspeople and their families. After a period of relative stability, there have been new cases in recent months, particularly in the provincial capitals, especially Maputo.

According to official figures, since January 2023, the authorities have arrested 38 people.



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