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Fuel Prices Rise by 7 to 22% Starting Today

Fuel Prices Rise by 7 to 22% Starting Today

The prices of oil products in Mozambique will rise between 7 percent and 22 percent from Thursday, reflecting the rise in the price of a barrel of crude oil, the Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE) said Wednesday.

The last price adjustment had taken place almost a year ago, in November 2020 and at that time prices had fallen.

Now, cooking gas is the one that suffers the biggest increase, of 22%, going from 58,18 to 71,02 meticais per kilo.

Petrol rises 10% from 62,5 to 69,04 meticais per litre, while diesel increases 7%, from 57,45 to 61,71 meticais per litre – it is the product with the lowest increase.

Light oil rises almost 11%, from 43.24 to 47.95 meticais per litre.

Vehicular natural gas rises almost 9% from 30 to 32.69 meticais per litre.

Oil products for sale in Mozambique are imported by sea in special freighters, through a process centralised by law into a single public entity, IMOPETRO, owned by the oil product distributors operating in the country. 

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Then, it is up to ARENE to determine the retail prices to be charged throughout the national territory according to the calculations established by law.

The prices announced may be higher at petrol stations outside the territorial circumscriptions of cities with distribution terminals (Matola, Beira, Nacala and Pemba), since the law provides that there may be an increase in the cost of transport to these stations.

The upward pressure on crude prices remains, due to the prospect of some oil producers not increasing their production at the same pace as demand, driven by the post-pandemic economic revival and the arrival of cold weather in the northern hemisphere.


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