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Mozambique: Port of Pemba to Handle Balama Graphite

Mozambique: Port of Pemba to Handle Balama Graphite

The Port of Pemba will this month handle graphite extracted in Balama district for export in the international market.

The information was advanced by Miguel Matabele, chairman of the public company Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique (CFM), who hiughlighted the construction of a new Dry Port on the outskirts of Pemba at the area known as “Ten Percent”.

According to Matabele, CFM has successfully persuaded investors in the Balama graphite undertaking to use Pemba port as their outlet to the international market.

“The port of Pemba will respond to the opportunities presented by the Balama graphite, and everything is being done to ensure the project comes to fruition,” Matabele said, adding that the product would be bagged and containerised at the dry port.

The dry port could have storage capacity for as many as 2,000 containers, and warehousing for 20,000 tons of product.

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Source: The Market Herald


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