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CEO Summit: Young Entrepreneurs Invited to Invest in Agriculture in Maputo Province

CEO Summit: Young Entrepreneurs Invited to Invest in Agriculture in Maputo Province

The governor of Maputo province, Júlio Parruque, referred this Thursday, August 25, to young people as being engines of the economy, and invited Mozambican businessmen to make investments in the agriculture sector in Maputo city.

“We have many business opportunities, first in agri-business, where there are more than half a million hectares ready to produce food. We understand that we need more Mozambican entrepreneurs to invest in agriculture, we want them to venture into this sector,” said the governor of Maputo City, Júlio Parruque, stressing that “production is not everything, as it is necessary to conserve and process.”

The governor was speaking during the biggest event that brings together the CEOs of national companies, the Mozambique CEO Summit 2022, addressing business opportunities in the province.

Also on the industrialisation of the province, Parruque said that “the provincial government is creating a project to set up new industrial parks to recover industries that have been paralysed over the last few years,” he said, adding that “Maputo province has over 1,800 companies, of which small and medium-sized make up 90 percent.

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In terms of paralysed industries, he said, “this is a concern that the province has and we are working to recover these industries. The first step we are taking is to prevent the transformation of industrial spaces into simple warehouses.


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