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Gaza Seeks 191 Million Meticals for Completion of Abandoned Public Works

Gaza Seeks 191 Million Meticals for Completion of Abandoned Public Works

The Gaza Provincial Executive Council needs 191,51 million of Meticais for the conclusion of several hospital infrastructures, whose works were abandoned by the contractors.

Of this amount, 31,10 million will be destined to the payment of the debts to the contractors, for the works already done, and 161,40 million should be applied in the conclusion of the abandoned works.

The great concern is related with the conclusion of the works of the Health Centers of Mandjangue in Chókwè district, of Conjoene, future headquarters of Chongoene district, and of the center of Limpopo district, whose works were abandoned by the contractors due to lack of funds.

According to the governor of Gaza, Margarida Mapandzene Chongo, the search for funds for the health works will be a great challenge for her Executive, taking into account that the referred value is “about three times more than the investment budget allocated to the province”.

In addition to health, the Executive of Margarida Mapandzene Chongo says it has great budgetary challenges for the education sector due to the non-channeling of the fund of Direct Support to Schools (ADE). In this case, according to the leader, “the amounts are visualized in the system, but are never released,” she laments.


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