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Vodacom Mozambique Promotes Debate on Data Protection Ethics and Compliance

Vodacom Mozambique Promotes Debate on Data Protection Ethics and Compliance

As the business world continues to evolve, existing companies, especially those in the communications sector, have developed strategies to instil ethical standards in their employees, so that they can carry out their duties wisely and responsibly, while always respecting privacy.

It was in this context that Vodacom Mozambique organised a reflection session on ethics, privacy and compliance on Tuesday 5 December in Maputo. The meeting brought together players from the telecommunications sector and the financial industry, with the aim of establishing a platform for discussion and sharing standards, practices and operating models that guarantee efficient management of the legal risks to which companies are subject in their daily activities.

Present at the event, the institution’s CEO, Simon Karikari, explained that companies that prioritise ethical conduct and legal compliance offer substantial advantages to governments, as they promote an attractive investment scenario for foreign capital, reduce cases of corruption, strengthen international reputation, reduce the need for strict government supervision and facilitate more efficient allocation of state resources.

“The implementation of sustainable practices acts as a catalyst to promote balanced economic growth in harmony with the nation’s general development objectives,” he emphasised.

According to him, the meeting served to create a platform for learning and sharing that transcends borders, thus shaping the future of organisational culture.

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“This initiative is not just for the benefit of Vodacom, its impact extends to all those involved in the business environment in Mozambique. By defending a good organisational culture, we can create a scenario conducive to growth, trust and sustainability,” he stressed.

“Ethics must be at the root of everything we do, and when we talk about ethics we are talking about good principles of honesty and transparency,” he concluded.


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