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Vodacom Invests in Network Expansion to Improve Quality of Communications

Vodacom Invests in Network Expansion to Improve Quality of Communications

To “connect more Mozambicans to a quality communications network”, Vodacom announced that it is expanding its mobile phone network with emphasis on rural areas, where communication, through telephone lines, remains, as is known, deficient.

By focusing on expanding coverage to rural areas, Vodacom hopes to reach, by 2025, about 21 million Mozambicans across the country, making room for more people to be connected to this network.

According to the Director General of Vodacom Mozambique, Simon Karikari, “there are many challenges to the installation of network coverage, especially in rural areas, where access roads are precarious and there is a lack of electricity, as well as the high costs and logistics for the installation, operation and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure, make coverage of rural areas costly, and in most cases, unsustainable.”

He goes on to say that “we aim for the network to reach the entire country in the shortest possible time and with the highest possible quality, because we believe that communication transforms people’s lives. Our network, especially in rural areas, has extended opportunities for communities to access voice and data services, in addition to M-Pesa’s financial services,” Simon Karikari.

In 2021 the telecom company expanded the 4.5G network in more than 400 stations in various parts of the country, enabling thousands of customers, to access the data network with better quality. The operator also expanded the fiber optic transport network, in more than 900 km, connecting the main data centers and base stations between the South and the Center of the country, which allowed to bring greater resilience to the network, and increasingly shorter time of re-establishment of communications in the occurrence of natural events such as cyclones.

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However, for the current year, the multinational will continue to develop works to expand the network. “By March 2023, 200 new rural stations will be installed, distributed across several districts and Administrative Posts completely powered by solar energy. Still this year, we plan to install more than 500 km of fiber connecting part of the central and northern areas of the country. It is part of our ambition to connect Maputo to Palma with a fiber optic network infrastructure capable of meeting our current needs as well as future challenges,” concluded Karikari.


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