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Sofala: Company to Restart Cotton Production with US$2.3 Million Investment

Sofala: Company to Restart Cotton Production with US$2.3 Million Investment

The director of the Provincial Services of Economic Activities in Sofala, Ângela Dista, said this Wednesday, January 25, that the province will have a new operator for cotton production.

It is Mandorla Investimentos Limitada, a company operating in the cotton sector, which proposed to invest 150 million meticais (US$2.3 million) as part of the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign and which will replace China Africa Cotton, which declared bankruptcy two years ago.

To the newspaper Notícias, Angela Dista said that the current operator was approved after entering into negotiations with its predecessor for the acquisition of the cotton, valued at seven million meticais, which was still with the farmers.

“We encourage farmers to increase production. The Government is making efforts so that the production of this crop is not forgotten and we ask for the support of all so that the results are achieved”, motivated Angela Dista.

In turn, the director of Mandorla Investimentos Limitada, Sílvia Mathe, made it known that her company has technological kits ready for farmers and intends to distribute cotton seeds, as well as commercialize the raw product.

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“The company will immediately invest in the value chain of this crop,” said Sílvia Mathe, adding that it “does not have a processing unit in Sofala and should resort to the district of Guro, in the neighboring province of Manica, to process the cotton.”

At the moment, Mandorla works with 9,000 farmers in Sofala and expects to produce 6,000 tons of cotton this year, which will be exported to South Africa and China.



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