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RadX Construction and Viva Engineering Join Forces to Develop Project Solutions

RadX Construction and Viva Engineering Join Forces to Develop Project Solutions

The RadX Construction Group – a construction company with services in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa – and Viva Engineering – a company founded in 2007 and specialising in steel fabrication – have announced a strategic partnership aimed at minimising the challenges facing the construction sector and revolutionising the mining project landscape in Mozambique.

According to an article made public on Monday 15 April by the African Mining Market news portal, the companies have a history of success in their fields, with Viva Engineering being recognised in the conceptualisation, manufacture, logistics and installation of complex mining process plants, and RadX Construction making a name for itself in the field of civil construction in remote areas of Mozambique.

As a team, RadX and Viva will offer fixed-price manufacturing and installation solutions to clients in remote locations, managing all operations from concept to commissioning, delivery and, in some cases, ongoing maintenance. “We work with our clients’ design teams from the outset to help them through the engineering process and guide them on specific areas in which projects are being developed,” the companies explained in a statement quoted by the website.

With this new partnership, procurement challenges will be dealt with jointly, with complete management of supply chains, from supply to the unloading of materials and equipment at the final destination, as the companies are based in South Africa, which will also allow them to take advantage of quality suppliers in good time.


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