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Mozambique Selects CORRE as Universal Postal Service Provider

Mozambique Selects CORRE as Universal Postal Service Provider

The government has appointed Correio Expresso de Moçambique (CORRE) as the new universal postal service provider in the country, according to Lusa. This appointment follows the extinction of the public company Correios de Moçambique, approved by decree in May 2021, with the aim of restructuring the state business sector after ‘consecutive losses’.

According to an official statement quoted by the agency, the government decree determines that the services previously provided by Correios de Moçambique will be progressively provided by the private sector. ‘In a decree dated 24 May, the postal service licensing regulations were amended, allowing the designated operator to be both public and private, entrusted with the provision of reserved postal services and the universal postal service,’ reads the statement, adding that both decisions had immediate effect.

On its official website, CORRE states that its shareholders include Correios de Portugal and Empresa Nacional de Correios de Moçambique. ‘The company offers a wide range of services, including the collection, processing, transport and distribution of urgent and express documents and goods, both nationally and internationally, as well as courier, transport and logistics services,’ the information adds.

The statement also said that this appointment represents a significant step in the liberalisation and modernisation of the postal sector in Mozambique, ‘promoting greater efficiency and quality in the services provided to citizens’.


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