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Mozambique Admitted as a Member of the International Competition Network

Mozambique Admitted as a Member of the International Competition Network

The Mozambican Competition Authority (ARC) was recently admitted as a member of the International Competition Network (ICN), an organisation whose mission is to promote cooperation and convergence for a more effective application of competition rules worldwide.

According to a press release, with ARC’s accession, the ICN now has 144 members, including national competition authorities and non-governmental experts (lawyers, academics, representatives of consumer and trade associations, among others).

The Mozambican organisation is also a member of the Rede Lusófona da Concorrência (Lusophone Competition Network), which includes entities responsible for competition issues in Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as the African Competition Forum (ACF).

The ARC, created under Law no. 10/2013, of 11 April (the Competition Law), aims to ensure the application of the rules for the promotion and defence of competition in the private and public sectors in the country, with a view to increasing a culture of healthy competition in the economy, the efficient functioning of markets, the optimum allocation of resources, the promotion of innovation and the protection of consumer interests.


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