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Maragra Sugar Company Needs $100M to Recover

Maragra Sugar Company Needs $100M to Recover

The Maragra sugar mill, located in the Manhiça district of Maputo province, needs at least 100 million dollars to recover from the damage caused by the floods earlier this year, which affected its production capacity, the News reported on Monday 28 August.

According to the newspaper, the amount in question was calculated in a context in which assessments of the damage caused to the equipment are still underway.

The company’s managing director, Filipe Raposo, explained that the amount stipulated so far would be useful to guarantee the recovery of the machinery and ensure the next production cycle. “At the moment, Maragra only has the capacity to assess and maintain the 57 kilometres of the protection dyke, which is broken at four points,” he said.

He said that the company was also in a position to remove some of the submerged equipment. In this context, the sugar company intends to launch a public tender within the next few days to hire an entity specialised in this component.

“The damage prevents the irrigation system from working, which makes it difficult to prepare for the next sugar cane production campaign. The floods also damaged the electrical and drainage systems, including other equipment needed to process the sugar cane. These negative points are in addition to the losses in the production field, estimated at 470,000 tonnes of sugar cane,” said Filipe Raposo.

He said that work to restore the pumping stations only began a little over a month and a half ago, due to difficulties in accessing certain parts of the production field.

“With the work done so far, we already have an idea of what is needed to revive production,” he said, adding that the sugar factory was also vandalised after the floods, which also contributed to the increase in damage.

Overall, the floods of the last rainy season put Maragra in a critical situation from the point of view of sustainability.

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According to the assessments made, it would take at least one to two years for the company to get back on its feet. In addition, there are various systems such as irrigation and drainage that have not been replaced, as well as equipment in need of repair, and some fields remain almost inaccessible.


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