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Macs In Moz Exports 800 Tonnes of Macadamia Nuts to Asia and Europe

Macs In Moz Exports 800 Tonnes of Macadamia Nuts to Asia and Europe

The Macs In Moz company, located in the district of Sussundenga, Manica province, in Mozambique, has exported 800 tonnes of macadamia nuts to the European and Asian markets this year, the Mozambican Information Agency reported on Saturday.

The information was given by the representative of the Macs In Moz company, Marcos Agnese, during a visit to the company by the Secretary of State for Manica province, Dick Kassotche, as part of “open, participatory and inclusive governance” in the Sussundenga district.

Agnese explained that macadamia nuts are exported between March and June each year, and that the market is guaranteed. “China is the main market, because we know it’s the best consumer of macadamia nuts in the world,” she said, adding that “the product is transported to South Africa, which then takes it to Asia and Europe. Every year, our production increases and that makes us very happy as investors and producers. We are increasing our production areas in line with the demand for this product on the international market.”

The macadamia is used to produce chocolates and their derivatives. Currently, Macs In Moz has a total of 850 workers, most of them Mozambicans on a permanent basis. During the harvest season, the number rises to around 1,100 workers, with seasonal labour being hired.

“Hiring takes place between February and June. We reach our peak in those months. Our main constraint is being able to export the macadamia directly to China and Europe from Mozambique, without going through South Africa,” said the company representative.

Speaking after visiting the company, Dick Kassotche was impressed by the levels of macadamia production in Sussundenga and explained that one of the challenges is to make this product directly benefit the Mozambican market.

“From the explanation I received, I learnt that the product leaves here for South Africa. This country then sends it to China and Europe as if it were a South African product, a situation that worries us. We need to let the world know that this product comes out of Mozambique,” he said, adding that, to do so, “we should think about the possibility of exporting to Asia and Europe from Mozambique. Advertising should be done here. We sell to South Africa and it puts its image out to the world as if it were its own production,” he lamented.

The government official said he was very touched by the fact that it was a project that would benefit Mozambique, as most of the labour was national. “This is very good, because it inspires Mozambicans, and everyone can also have their own farm and produce this cash crop. Every day we learn how to produce macadamia nuts. It’s a gain for us and for our economy,” he said.

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