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Government Announces Regularisation of Tmcel Workers’ Salaries

Government Announces Regularisation of Tmcel Workers’ Salaries

Salary arrears at telecoms operator Tmcel are expected to be regularised next week, the Minister of Transport and Communications said in Parliament this Wednesday, November 16.

“I can say that the issue of salaries at Tmcel will be resolved by next week in its entirety. We already have the funds and the payment process is being carried out,” revealed Mateus Magala.

The Mozambican state telecommunications operator has seen recurring delays in the payment of salaries.

The minister justified that situation with the negative balance of the company, whose restructuring is being studied by the government, along with Mozambique Airlines (LAM).

“The health of these companies is fragile, we recognise that, which is why we have started a process of reform,” he said.

Magala reiterated that studies are underway on the future of the two companies and promised a decision by the beginning of next year, without specifying specific dates.

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The governor expressed optimism the day before yesterday (Wednesday) in relation to the recovery of LAM, noting that the company had started to register positive operating results since last year, and admitted that the improvement in the company’s situation had been delayed due to an enormous “debt baggage,” slowing the way to a positive net position.

Magala also told deputies that the government was fulfilling its promise to pay subsidies to road passenger transport operators in the cities in order to curb the rise in transport fares resulting from fuel price rises and the global inflationary wave.



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