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Facebook May Change Name Next Week

Facebook May Change Name Next Week

Facebook’s company may announce a name change next week. The aim is to position itself more as a technology company, notably as the creator of the metaverse, and less of a social networking company.

Facebook’s company may announce a name change next week, reports technology news site The Verge. For now, the new name is still a secret, but Mark Zuckerberg’s aim will be to position the company as a producer of technology, in particular the metaverse, and not just social networks.

According to The Verge, Facebook’s CEO wants to be associated with the creation of the metaverse, a kind of new generation of virtual reality. The new name will help make that transition, positioning Facebook as one of the brands, alongside Instagram or Whastapp, and creating a more comprehensive name hat.

The name change is expected to be addressed at Facebook’s annual meeting, scheduled for 28 October, but The Verge says it may even happen sooner. Without certainty, the digital newspaper also says that the new name may be related to Horizon.

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Another reason that may explain the change that is being prepared is the fierce scrutiny under which Facebook has been under, following documents that call into question the safety in the use of social networks.


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