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Alcatel-Lucent Returns to the National Market in Partnership with Bravantic

Alcatel-Lucent Returns to the National Market in Partnership with Bravantic

The ICT area is fundamental to the functioning of organizations and, as a result of constant technological evolution, provides business opportunities for companies and organizations in all sectors of activity, especially in a market like Mozambique, where the digital transition in sectors such as banking, commerce and some government sectors is in full swing.

With this in mind, Alcatel-Lucent and Bravantic recently announced a partnership to tackle the national market with a broader and more complete offer, looking at the opportunities in the country and becoming a solution for the development of the ICT ecosystem in Mozambique.

Alcatel-Lucent, a technology multinational based in France which develops and sells telecommunications systems, networks and services implemented locally, in the cloud or hybrid, has decided to strengthen its commitment to the national market and consolidate its presence in this segment and, to this end, has signed a partnership with Bravantic, a Portuguese multinational present in six markets – Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Brazil and Dubai.

With more than 2,500 employees, 800 customers and a turnover of more than 100 million euros a year, Bravantic’s operation in Mozambique is focused on building network infrastructures for digital transformation and data center management. It was also for this reason, and as a result of its strong position in the national market, that it became the local partner identified by the French company to develop and present new solutions to the Mozambican market.

As part of this partnership between the two companies, Alcatel-Lucent recently organized an event in Maputo at the Radisson Blu Hotel, which brought together partners, customers and other stakeholders to showcase its new technological solutions in the communications and IT market in Mozambique, as part of a strategy to clearly strengthen its presence.

Paulo Freitas, the French multinational’s country business leader for Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, says that “this is a landmark moment” because it means, he says, “a paradigm shift for the company and a commitment that we are making once again in these geographies. We want to recover the space we had in the past and which, due to some vicissitudes of the market, we lost, losing ground to the competition. We know we have a long way to go, but we have the right partner and a whole history and know-how to support this new step in the Mozambican market, which we believe in very much,” he added.

“Having a partner like Bravantic makes perfect sense in order to give us the support we need to continue on this path we are taking in the Mozambican market and, at the same time, to be able to be present with our customers, responding to their needs by delivering our solutions.”

“The Mozambican market has enormous potential, there are prospects for growth and economic development and there is a great demand for innovation and, at the same time, safety and reliability in operations. The opportunities are there and it’s up to us, as creators and developers of technology, to be close to the market, to make our portfolio known and how we can contribute to the success of our clients’ operations,” says Paulo Freitas.

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For his part, Bravantic’s country manager, Eduardo Vicente, points out that “Alcatel-Lucent is a partner that shares with us all the geographies where Bravantic is represented and, at the moment, we are consolidating and extending this proximity to our country as well. We now officially represent the entire Alcatel-Lucent ecosystem in Mozambique which, for us, due to the quality of the products and services and even the symbol of innovation that it represents in the area of communications, is the type of partner that is aligned with Bravantic’s own values and positioning in the market. This partnership will strengthen our portfolio of solutions for our customers in the market itself,” he concludes.


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